Emergency services volunteers suffering hardship need to follow these steps to apply for hardship assistance offered under the WA Emergency Services Volunteers’ Hardship Assistance Scheme.


The Scheme may also offer a grant to a volunteer, rather than wait for an application to be received, who has sustained significant damage or loss of their principal place of residence following an emergency event or natural disaster.

  1.  Volunteer begins confidential discussion with their member association’s representative about the need for financial relief.
  2. The member association considers the circumstances and confirms eligibility.
    Included in this consideration is an assessment of:
    a.  the level of assistance required to alleviate hardship
    b.  whether other sources of assistance (including insurance or other statutory coverage) are available
    c.  whether the volunteer has previously been provided with hardship assistance.

  3. Member association notifies hardship fund and requests claim package.
  4. Member association, with assistance from the volunteer, completes the application form and arranges all supporting documentation.

  5. The member association’s representative checks the form, signs, and submits it to the Secretary of the Scheme’s Management Committee.

  6. The Assessment Panel (a sub-committee of the Management Committee) considers the application and agrees (or otherwise) to the release of funds. Decisions of the Assessment Panel are final.

  7. The Secretary notifies the member association of the outcome and then advises the volunteer in writing (including by providing details of any conditions attached).

Pro forma application form example

If the Assessment Panel approves the application, it may do so on the basis that the amount of financial hardship requested by the volunteer be paid in full or in part.


Where possible/practical, payment is made directly to a service provider (on behalf of the volunteer); otherwise payment is made directly to a volunteer’s bank account. The panel will also consider applications for hardship assistance in circumstances where accounts have been paid and applicants are seeking reimbursement.


As a condition of receiving assistance, the panel may attach certain requirements on the volunteer (e.g. to seek financial counselling; where 50/50 cost support may be provided or to develop a recovery plan) which must be met, and demonstrated to be met.

Association Contact List

Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services Association WA Inc

Robert Papalia

Volunteer Marine Rescue WA

Roger Martin

SES Volunteers Association

Emergency Services Volunteers Association

Vicki Quinlan

Association of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades

Terry Hunter